The Worrier

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Signs you are a Worrier

  • You tend to not feel confident enough to maintain healthy finances.

  • You're more risk-averse.

  • No matter how much money you have, you still worry about losing or not knowing what to do with it.



Overthinking is inevitable for all of us, but for Worriers, overthinking is paralysing. Though Worriers might look like Ostriches, they think about money a lot, whereas Ostriches tend to ignore money.


Money Advice

Is there a root cause for your worry? It might be wise to seek professional help in some cases. Practically, set aside a certain amount of time to look at your finances so that you can "worry" in a safe and scheduled space, making sure that it won't spill over too much and affect other areas of your life.


How to use Roqqett

Roqqett's daily balance notifications keep you updated with all your bank accounts so you never have to worry about how much you have. If there's a particular transaction that you're looking for, you can sort and filter through the transactions to find it. Here are some more tips:

  • Schedule a small amount of time to check your expenses and income every week, that way you can spot purchases that are uncharacteristically large

  • Make note of categories where you can save on or regular payments to swap for better deals

  • Checking your Roqqett app regularly can also help you feel more confident that you do know what you're doing


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