Take low cost payments that clear instantly.

Roqqett for business can lower your card fees by 65%.

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It's time to change the way we take payments...

It's what your customers expect.

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Saving you money

Visa and Mastercard’s high fees are hurting your business. We created Roqqett to offer a safer, cheaper and simpler way to take payments.

Founded on cutting edge opening banking technology, we facilitate direct and instant bank-to-bank transactions.

How it works...

Taking payments with Roqqett means no more dealing with cash or credit cards.
Your customer can simply scan your unique QR code and pay you instantly.

Create link or QR code screen

Add amount

Payment Link Notification

Show QR code

Payments History Screen

Get paid

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Payments that clear instantly

Don’t wait days for your money. Don’t pay for same day clearing. With Roqqett it’s in your bank account instantly.

No middle man

There are 11 different charges that make up the fee you pay. With Roqqett there are no middle men taking their cut and only one low fee.

World class support

You can get set up quickly and easily by yourself but our support team is on hand via instant chat or video call to help when you need it.

How much you can save

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Utilising the latest open banking technology, we provide low cost contactless payments by letting customers pay directly from their bank account to yours.

One ultra low fee of
0.5% per transaction.

No fixed fee per transaction
No hardware fees
No other fees at all...

Bank grade

Used to safeguard your
data after we securely
connect with your bank.

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Roqqett is authorised
and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority.


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