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Why our users love Roqqett

“Really like that you can send payments via Bluetooth, as its much easier to pay friends back”
Tim, Brighton

“Having all your bank accounts on one app makes it extremely easy and also helps preventing scams.”
Emily, Liverpool

“I have 4 accounts, so the app gave me a better overview of how much money I had in my accounts combined” Kathryn, Glasgow

“Really easy to use, especially being at uni. Helps with finances and makes them easier to manage”
Dan, Leeds

“Has made my bank transfers much easier” Sam, Brighton

“Getting paid on a night out easily there and then, without having to go through bank details”
Soline, Manchester

Roqqett does all the things you'd expect your money app to do...

And more...

Split the take
away bill with
your mates

No bank details needed

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Grab a coffee
a new TV
or pay your
personal trainer

Make contactless payments
with the Roqqett app on your phone

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Every payment
tells a story...

with pals

Roqqett payments are intuitive

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That £10
close to
your heart

Roqqett payments are empowering

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pitch hire
A 4 - 3 win
at home

Roqqett payments are social

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We're based in the UK and we love supporting communities

works on any
& with all
UK banks

Roqqett isn't tied to a bank, but we
work securely with all of them.

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And we're regulated by the FCA

Your privacy
our priority

We use bank level security to keep
your information protected.

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What do
we stand for?


To make & take payments

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UK high

By putting money back into
the community

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