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Creating a better online payments solution together

Whether you are an agency, developer or freelancer who designs e-commerce sites for clients, you can become a Roqqett partner today.

Simply introduce Roqqett to your clients to take advantage of amazing benefits.

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benefits package

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Expand your network

Connect with any seller
category to grow your circle.

Earn revenue

Get paid for every new
client your bring on board.

Intuitive onboarding

Easy to get started and set up
with Roqqett as a partner.

Early access

Be the first to get access
to new product launches.

Simple integration

Easier than integrating cards with our comprehensive documentation.

World class support

From UK support team via
instant chat, phone & zoom.

Your clients’ benefits



Helping your clients prosper

By introducing the Roqqett checkout solution to your clients, you can play a crucial role in their growth story.

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Unrivalled UX for your clients’ customers

No fields to fill out, no card numbers
to type in, just a tap for end-users to authenticate using a banking app.



Reduced fraud & improved cashflow

Help your clients save 74%* on transaction fees. With Roqqett, no cards means no card fees, no card fraud and no chargebacks.

*Against Stripe published prices March 24

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