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Roqqett for WooCommerce
Roqqett Pay

Why Roqqett

For WooCommerce websites who want a fast, satisfying and cost effective digital shopping experience for their customers.

Roqqett has created a seamless one-tap journey to checkout, that boosts sales through faster conversion, increased cash flow and reduced fraud.

The simple to add plugin means all Ecommerce stores can use Roqqett to complement more traditional, slower and expensive payment methods

How it works

Built for every shopping experience, Roqqett places your customer’s mobile phone at the heart of their checkout process. All customers need to do is tap the “Roqqett Pay” button to checkout instantly.

How Roqqett Works

Benefits for your
WooCommerce Site

Complementing your WooCheckout

Roqqett Pay can sit along side your current checkout payment providers without any costs.

Checkout Payment Options

Integrate with WooCommerce Plug-in

Roqqett Pay can be integrated with a few lines of code, thanks to open banking technology.

Strong Customer Authentication

Since March 2022, all UK businesses will be required by law to enforce Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) when taking online payments.

We inherently incorporate SCA into our products, making Roqqett the faster, more secure and easier solution for your paying customers.


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