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No cards, no cash, no bank details. All anyone needs is a UK banking app.

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How it works...

Create link or QR code screen

Get started

After downloading Roqqett, create a payment link or QR code in the app.

Payment Link Notification

Get sharing

Send payment link to your friends or have them scan the QR code with their phone.

Payments History Screen

Get paid

They can confirm your payment request in any UK banking app and pay you.

Young woman checking her mobile phone to track her money insights with roqqett appRoqqett Insights App Screens

Take care of your spending habits

Get insights on how and where you spend your money with the help of Roqqett.

  • Keep track of your finances
  • Empower yourself to spend smarter
  • Learn about your financial self

Try it yourself

Donate to our chosen charity.

To donate scan the QR code below or click pay*

Common Seas QR codePay £1.00

*Tap "Pay £1.00" if you are viewing this on your mobile. Otherwise simply scan the QR code with your phone camera. All payments are donated directly to the Common Seas charity’s bank account.

Common seas

Charting a course to healthy seas

Common Seas is a social enterprise on a mission to quickly and significantly reduce the amount of plastic produced and stop it polluting our rivers and seas.

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No cash? no problem.

If you have Roqqett, anyone with a banking app can pay you instantly even if they don’t have Roqqett. You can show your QR code or send a link in a message. Try it out.

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Move your money

Topping up another account?
See all your accounts and move
money between them instantly.

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Easier than your banking app

It’s fast to pay anyone set up in your banking apps with Roqqett. You can also send money to contacts.

What are people saying?

Rock Sign Emoji

"I was going to delete the app but had a quick look back at it and its very clever the way it shows all your expenditure much clearer than any other bank app"
~ William

Mind-blown emoji

“It was sooo easy, couldn’t quite believe it all joined up from a link and straight through connecting to my bank!”
~ Laura

Star Eyes Emoji

“I have 4 accounts, so the app gave me a better overview of how much money I had in my accounts combined”
~ Kathryn

100 Emoji

“Having all your bank accounts on one app makes it extremely easy and also helps prevent scams”
~ Emily

Dollar Eyes Emoji

"Really easy to use, especially being at uni. Helps with finances and makes them easier to manage”
~ Dan

Rocket Emoji

“People really like that they can send payments via bluetooth, as it was much easier to pay friends back”
~ Tim

Smile Emoji

“Getting paid on a night out easily there and then, without having to go through bank details”
~ Soline

Bank grade

Used to safeguard your
data when we securely
connect with your bank.

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Roqqett is authorised
and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority.


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