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Roqqett now means your business can take euro payments, from 20 countries and from 1,850 banks.

Roqqett for Tech

Your benefits...

Simpler to integrate
than card payments

No transmission of secure details makes Roqqett much simpler to integrate than a card payment method.

Read more in our docs here.

Improves CRO

There are no details for the customer to type in. This makes the Roqqett checkout faster and easier resulting in improved conversion rate optimisation and less dropout.

Less fraud than card payments

Given no requirement for transmitting secure payment details, there is massively reduced security risk. Instead payments are authorised directly with the customers banking app. The result is less fraud than traditional methods.


Our technology seamlessly connects with your bank account to enable reconciliation operations and reporting for your business.


Roqqett for Finance

Your benefits...

Lower cost transactions starting from 0.5%

Two factors here: cutting edge technology that’s much more efficient than the incumbents (card) and massively reduced fraud risk due to no transmission of customers’ secure details. Both of these elements reduce the cost to Roqqett and we pass this onto you.

Instant clearing and
improved cashflow

Given the cutting edge technology and reduced fraud risk, Roqqett is able to safely deliver funds the instant the customer pays. There is no requirement for Roqqett to hold any money. You can earn interest on funds that would otherwise be with your acquirer.

No chargebacks

Given there are no cards involved in Roqqett payments there are also no chargebacks. This reduces cost for you and aids in financial planning.


Roqqett for Marketing

Your benefits...

Real time shipping
updates for customers

Customers can track their shipments in the Roqqett app. We take care of the tech to provide real time updates. As soon as the courier moves, the customer knows.

Advertise and upsell
through Roqqett

Marketers have the opportunity to offer vouchers and coupons directly to customers who purchase via the Roqqett checkout. These vouchers and coupons can be automatically applied at checkout and reported on so you know the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Offer automatic
vouchers and deals

Given there are no cards involved in Roqqett payments there are also no chargebacks. This reduces cost for you and aids in financial planning.


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Roqqett Gemini

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