The Ostrich

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Signs you are an Ostrich

  • Sticking your head in the sand about your finances usually gets you by until you absolutely have to.

  • "Making no decision always feels easier than the possibility of making the wrong decision" might resonate with you.

  • You might make a spending/saving plan once in a while but either forget about it or keep putting it off.



Having an avoidant approach to money isn't healthy, just as overthinking and obsessing over every detail isn't healthy. Ostriches ignoring their finances often leads to piles of admin to do at the end of the month, just for them to feel overwhelmed.


Money Advice

Overcoming financial overwhelm won't happen overnight, but you can slowly improve your perspective. Start by setting a small amount of time for just one simple goal, for example, adding up your income for the month. Then you can increase this when you feel more comfortable. Breaking down your expenses into smaller categories also helps with this.


How to use Roqqett

After setting aside some time to look into your finances, use the category and merchant insights to view the breakdown of transactions. These bite-sized pieces of information will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and more confident in managing your money. Here are some more tips:

  • Schedule in a set amount of time to look at your spending in Roqqett where all transactions are categorised and ordered

  • View your category and merchant breakdowns in Insights to help you identify areas to save more on

  • Ease yourself into keeping track of your finances by simply looking at your spending in the last 30 days


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