The Saver-Splurger

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Signs you are a Saver-Splurger

  • You flip between periods where you're obsessed with saving and where you don't care about what or how much you're spending.

  • Spending/saving plans freak you out, but so does having no plan.

  • You like flexibility but tend to go between the extremes.



As you can imagine, being a Saver-Splurger is stressful. Just as their finances feel stable and sorted, a wave of spontaneous spending turns that all upside down. It's mentally exhausting to constantly have to work hard just for it to disappear in a snap of a finger.


Money Advice

We get it, restricting yourself to a tight plan can feel suffocating, especially when we just want to have fun and enjoy life! The good news is, you don't have to choose one over the other. When you're in the know with your finances, you can be flexible. For example, you might be more careful in some areas, but less so in others.


How to use Roqqett

Daily balance notifications will help you keep an eye on your finances without having to check each account manually. You can also check what areas you spend on most in Insights, so you choose where to save more on and where to spend freely from. Here are some more tips:

  • Make sure notifications are enabled to receive daily balances so you'll always know how much is available

  • Check Insights regularly where you'll be able to spot your most frequent purchases and identify areas to cut back on

  • Compare your spending by month using the date filters to see if there are particular triggers for your spending


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