The Hustler

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Signs you are a Hustler

  • Working is a way of life for you, whether it's to make more money or feel like you're doing something.

  • You most likely have multiple jobs or side hustles.

  • You enjoy the approval and recognition from other people for your financial success.



Having passions is important, but Hustlers are in danger of neglecting relationships and themselves (e.g. choosing to work late over spending time with loved ones). Sometimes working and money aren't the secret to happiness or success.


Money Advice

There's more to life than money! Try asking yourself why you constantly need to be working. Perhaps swap the million side gigs with meaningful volunteering to satisfy your craving for purpose. Or schedule in a good break to get in quality time with people you've been meaning to.


How to use Roqqett

To get a good overview of your financial health, make sure your accounts are connected to the accounts page. That way, you'll know whether you need to work more or can take some time to spend your well-earned cash and enjoy time off! Daily balance notifications will help you keep track of your accounts too.

  • Move and transfer money between accounts easily in the accounts page

  • If you send invoices to clients, connect your business bank account and send your Roqqett payment link

  • Try donating to charities like Common Seas to make a meaningful impact, which you can use Roqqett to donate with


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