Snoop vs Roqqett

Read our (unbiased 😏) comparative guide to decide which Money and Spending insights app works best for you.

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The money app with the best money insights to help you keep track of finances and take care of spending habits.

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Tracking | Insights | Payments

Connects with most UK Banks & major credit card companies.

100% Free 🤩

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Just another app that shares with you different tips and tricks to save money where you already spend. Nothing groundbreaking...

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Connects with most UK Banks & major credit card companies.

Free for now 🤨

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Connecting with major banking providers across the UK, Roqqett allows you to have full visibility of all your transactions across your accounts in real-time, saving you time and energy from having to check your individual banking apps.

To complement this is Roqqett's Money Insights feature. Essentially, Roqqett automatically categorises your spending over time by category or merchant, while still giving you the freedom to re-categorise any transaction to your liking, for FREE. No added costs.

To top it off, Roqqett offers a multitude of ways to pay and get paid instantly by friends and family, whether they have Roqqett or not, without sharing any bank details... ever!

Keep reading to discover all the amazing benefits Roqqett has to offer:

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Connect your bank and credit card account(s) using Open Banking technology. Not only will this allow you to have full visibility of your money together in one place! But you can also move your money between your connected accounts instantly in just a few taps.
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App & User Interface

Roqqett has been designed to be extremely intuitive, as it prides itself for its clean and minimalist aesthetics. With great design at its core, Roqqett is as simple as possible but no simpler. Beautiful to behold and a delight to interact with.
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Money Insights

To start with, Roqqett shows your total spend according to your preferred time-frame. You can see how much you spend in a month, 3 months or in a year.

Along with the time-filtering, Roqqett breaks down your spending by category or merchant. This can help bring awareness to your spending habits by identifying your more & least expensive areas, as well as help you discover your favourite brands.
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100% Free

Unlike other money apps that monetise via a subscription model, Roqqett is 100% FREE!

All of Roqqett's features and benefits are free to use from the moment you decide to graciously download it on your mobile phone. No need to pay for another 'wasteful' subscription, as we believe everyone deserves the best insights at 0 costs.
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You can pay and get paid by anyone without sharing bank details. These include payments via:

1. QR Code - Ideal for when you are together with your friends. All they have to do is scan your QR code with their phone camera and they can pay you on the spot. ⁠

2. Unique Payment Link - Ideal for every situation, where all anyone has to do is tap the link and confirm the payment in their banking app! They don't even need to have the Roqqett in order to pay you! ⁠⁠

3. Bluetooth - Ever tried airdropping your money? With Roqqett's nearby payments feature, you can instantly pick up or start a nearby payment request to pay or get paid by your friends!⁠⁠
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Privacy & Security

The Roqqett app uses bank-grade security measures including 256-bit encryption and biometrics to protect you and your data. So not one, but TWO layers of protection.

With strong beliefs in keeping personal info private, all user data is tokenized on Roqqett servers which means even the Roqqett crew can’t read it.

To top it off, Roqqett is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ensuring that it is held to your highest standards.

Although Roqqett has bank-grade security, Roqqett isn't a bank, and your money is never held by Roqqett. This is great news for you - not only is it convenient, but it means your money stays exactly where it is.
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  • Free
  • Daily balance update
  • Useful & effortless money insights
  • Intuitive design for ultimate simplicity
  • Full visibility of all accounts in one place
  • Instant payments to and from anyone
  • Wide range of UK banks & card providers
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  • No cashback offers*
  • No savings suggestions*
  • No budgeting tools*
* Yet... The Roqqett Crew is hard at work to roll-out more of these benefits soon 🚀


You gotta admit, "Snoop" does conjure up an image of a burglar tiptoe-ing around your finances and stealing things... which is definitely not a good thing for a finance app! Who knows what they’re doing behind your back!

On the contrary, Snoop says that it is "watching your back 24/7" (their words, not ours!) to find ways that you can save money where you're already spending. They also create tips for saving in many categories called “Snoops”. You have the ability to pin your favourites as well as browse for more deals. This is pretty helpful, however, each tip is like a whole blog post - and who has the time to read those!? 🥱

The main differentiator of Snoop is that there is a little robot guiding you from onboarding to throughout your time in the app. This is a nice touch, but the novelty wears off quite quickly and the robot takes up precious space in the app where they could be displaying useful information.

Even though Snoop does a great job in rounding up the savings, the app can be confusing to navigate especially if you’re using it for the first time. This might leave your frustrated and not able to get the benefits of Snoop. On the other hand, Roqqett’s app is simple and intuitive, which arguably is more useful than an app that claims to save you money, but wastes your time.

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Connects to most UK bank accounts.
Dollar Sign


Sends you "Snoops" aka. tips to save money.

Discount Code Finder

Finds you deals and discounts.
Snoop Robot Hood

Robot Hood

A friendly robot guides and helps you save.
Sends you weekly bill reminders so you don’t miss them.

Bill reminders

Sends you weekly bill reminders so you don’t miss them.
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Bank-grade security

Registered with FCA and won’t see any of your details.
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  • Saves you money by notifying you on where you're overpaying
  • Credit card checker and more
  • Can share tips with Snoop that you find helpful
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  • Can't customise spending categories
  • Pretty similar to most other finance apps
  • The app can be a bit confusing to navigate


Summarising Snoop vs Roqqett, both are safe and secure to use as they utilise open banking technology to make your finances go further.

While Snoop is great for picking up deals and notifying you of changes to your subscriptions before you even notice, it's not that much different to most other apps on the market that help you with budgeting. Snoop’s friendly little robot is great if you’re new to budgeting and need a helping hand.

However, if you’re a seasoned pro or just would like your finance app to be professional, Roqqett is the way to go. With a clean, simple and sophisticated interface,  you can find exactly what you need in a few taps. Roqqett is a is more holistic with the ability to make instant payments to peers, with instant checkouts to come soon 🚀

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