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October 15, 2021
Author: Joelle Phua

Snoop vs Roqqett: Which is best for money insights?

Discover which financial app, Snoop or Roqqett, is better for getting money insights.

Quick Summary

  • Review of Roqqett's money insights
  • Review of Snoop's money insights
  • Which is the best for spend analytics

So many finance apps have spending analytics or insights these days that it’s difficult to separate the good from the bad. In this blog post, we’re putting the Snoop app head to head with the Roqqett app to see which has the best insights!


There’s no question that Roqqett’s insights are one of the best designed and simplest to use out there, here’s why we think so:

The interface

  • There’s no fluff around the app interface and it’s obvious how to navigate to the insights page.
  • The pie chart is intuitive to interpret - as opposed to the vague line graphs that plague many other apps **ahem Snoop**.

The level of detail

  • You can filter by time - last 30 days, 3 months and year.
  • You can view each individual transaction and which account you paid with.
  • Each category is broken down into the merchants you’ve spent with and vice versa, allowing you to cross-reference between sections.
  • You can view the average transaction in any category or merchant.
  • You can also see the percentage change in comparison to the previous 30 days, 3 months or year.

Example of a transaction detail in Roqqett.

The categories

  • With 19 categories, your transactions will be kept organised and easy to digest.
  • Roqqett automatically categorises your transactions, freeing you from needing to do that.
  • If you’re not 100% satisfied with how your transactions are categorised, you can edit it easily from the individual transaction detail.

Seamless with the rest of the app

Whilst some apps can be a jarring experience of features thrown together, Roqqett’s insights work with the other features to create a holistic finance app that suits your individual needs.


Snoop is known for its saving capabilities and it’s understandable why that is, but when it comes to its money insights, it feels like an afterthought. 

The interface

  • In comparison with Roqqett, the app is very confusing to navigate. It’s so focused on saving and switching that the money insights (or spend analysis) feature is hidden under a light coloured button that blends into the rest of the home page.
  • Unfortunately, Snoop has fallen prey to using a line graph (like a lot of other apps Emma, read our analysis of the Emma app here) to compare your spending to the previous spending.

Categories and details

  • One of the upsides of Snoop’s money insights is that each category also has a graph that roughly allows you to compare with previous time periods. 
  • In the transaction category, you see how much you’ve spent at that merchant since your first purchase with them.


There’s not much to report on for Snoop’s money insights as there’s not much to analyse to begin with. It’s clear that Roqqett’s money insights make the most sense and work cohesively with the rest of the app. 

Insights are an important element to empower you in improving your financial health so you should choose the best app for that. 

To us, the winner is Roqqett (of course🚀), so download the FREE app to experience it for yourself!

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