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November 15, 2021
Author: Joelle Phua

Snoop vs Roqqett: Which is best for saving?

Discover which financial app, Snoop or Roqqett, is better for saving.

Quick Summary

  • Review of saving with Roqqett
  • Review of saving with Snoop
  • Pros and cons of each app


In this instalment of our Snoop vs Roqqett series, we’re comparing which is best for saving. Given that Snoop set out to save your money, you might be surprised about which app comes out on top!



One of the most important elements of saving is to be knowledgeable about your incomings and outgoings. With Roqqett you can connect all your accounts and view them together in one organised place. Personal, savings, credit cards, you name it - you’ll see it in Roqqett!

Now, because Roqqett updates your accounts in real time, you don’t need to open multiple apps just to check how much money you have.

An examples of the accounts overview in Roqqett.

Move money easily

The perfect complement to the comprehensive account overview in Roqqett is instant payments. You can easily transfer money between accounts from one app (Roqqett of course). So when you organise your finances, you can head to Roqqett and move money from your current account to your savings account. 

Gone are the days where you needed to deal with different account details since they’re all saved in Roqqett from when you first connect your accounts!

Instant balance notifications

You might be the type to put aside money regularly or when you get paid. Either way, you’ll love the daily balance notifications. You can quickly get an overview of your accounts without even having to open the app - perfect whilst enjoying your morning coffee or on your commute to work (aka. the home office if you work from home like us 😅).

This helps you keep an eye on how much money you can afford to put into your savings at any given time.

Smart spending insights 

And of course, our favourite - Roqqett’s spending insights are not only essential for budgeting but also your saving goals. The first step to saving money is to know your spending. Roqqett’s insights are designed to be easily understood (and actioned!) by both beginner AND pro savers.

The insights section allows you to see where you’re spending the most and what categories you want to prioritise. For example, you might want to save for rent so you look at your insights and decide to cut back on entertainment for the next month.

Even though Roqqett doesn’t have the capabilities to save for you, it can empower you to save smarter with its wide range of tools in one handy app.


Since Snoop’s main draw is saving money, let’s see how well it lives up to its claims.

Lack of money transfer capability

One of the biggest drawbacks is that you can’t actually move money between your accounts. If you’re saving money using Snoop’s features, then you’ll likely want to move money from your current account to savings. 

Instead of being able to do that in-app, you have to return to the old way of doing it through your banking app. And what app does facilitate money transfers natively? You got it, Roqqett does!


“Snoops” are otherwise known as tips to save money, but how effective is this feature?

It’s placed front and centre of the bottom navigation, meaning that Snoop encourages the usage of this.

It’s touted as “your own unique set of money-saving ideas”, so here’s our verdict:

The positives

  • The personalisation is very good. For example, detecting when you’ve purchased a gadget and prompting you to compare insurance packages.
  • You can pin snoops that you find useful - trust us, there are quite a few so you’ll want to make use of the “pin” feature to prevent overwhelm.

The not so positives

  • Rather than quick tips, “Snoops” can be very long articles. If you like reading, then this isn’t an issue. But if you’re busy like us, you’re better off just quickly Googling some discounts…
  • You can submit your own money-saving tips to the community, but the “add” button floats in the top right corner with no context, so you don’t even know what it’s for until you investigate.

Switch and Save

You can access the “Switch and Save” feature from the bottom of the home page where the recommended deal switches up every so often. This opens up a page with a variety of details from broadband to life insurance. 

Though this is helpful, it’s confusing if this is similar to the offers hidden on the “Bills” page. Confusingly, the tab where all your bills / regular payments live is called “products”. This could point to the main draw of Snoop for brands - data and recommending you their products and services.

Considering the name of Snoop, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that your finances are being spied on...


⁠Snoop’s money-saving features are great if you’re willing to put in a lot of effort, but rather than saving you anything, the convoluted interface will most likely waste your time. If you’re looking for an app that helps you save without the hassle of digging around, Roqqett is your best bet!

Roqqett is simple to navigate and easy to understand - download it from the app store today to start saving!

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