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January 28, 2022
Author: Joelle Phua

Direct Debit Issues and FAQs

Read our dedicated blog that breaks down the most common Direct Debits issues & questions.

Quick Summary

We’ve covered how to set up direct debits and how to cancel direct debits, in this post we’ll break down the most common issues and questions for direct debits.


Can anyone use direct debits?

As long as you have a current account or a basic bank account can set up a direct debit. However, this depends on your bank so be sure to check with them before setting one up.

What if my direct debit fails?

There can be various reasons for payments failing. These include insufficient funds in your account, incorrect bank details, the direct debit being cancelled etc.

1) What’s the minimum amount I need in my account for a direct debit?

It depends on the direct debit itself but your bank could have a minimum between £5 and £25. This means that your bank could then decline the payment or go into your overdraft.

2) What should I do if my direct debit fails?

If it’s because of insufficient funds, you’ll have until at least 2pm on the same day to pay the amount due before you may get a fine. Transfer money into the account being paid out from to clear the funds.

You should also check the particular cut off time and fees for your individual bank or building society on their website or customer support line. You may also be able to ask to be notified if a payment has failed if your bank doesn’t already notify you.

Use the Roqqett app to keep track of the money across all of your accounts to avoid not having enough money for your direct debit payments!

The wrong amount has been taken on my direct debit

The Direct Debit Guarantee protects you, the customer. If the organisation taking the money has taken the wrong amount, you can get a refund from your bank.

In this case, contact your bank immediately. They could ask you for more information about the error to confirm.

After you’ve received the refund, the company that the direct debit is set up with may contact you about it.

Are direct debits safe?

If you’re worried about fraud from direct debits, rest assured that companies that use the payment method have to be approved before being permitted to do so. Even if the rare case of fraud happens, the Direct Debit Guarantee protects customers and you’re eligible for a refund following the steps above.

Visit for more information and useful templates when contacting the bank or the company about direct debits.

How long are direct debits held for until they’re removed?

A “dormancy period” of minimum 24 months means that the direct debit instructions will be held from when the last payment was taken. After this, your bank or building society will remove these instructions and if the company wants to take another payment, they’ll to file a new direct debit form to do so.

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