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January 28, 2022
Author: Joelle Phua

How to cancel a Direct Debit

Read more on how to cancel via mobile banking, online banking, phone or in person.

Quick Summary

Direct debits are a common occurrence with subscriptions and bills being paid using direct debit. But how do you cancel them? If you want to know how to stop recurring payments, in this post we’ll break down how to cancel a direct debit with mobile banking or online banking.


Important things to note

You can cancel a direct debit whenever you want.

You can cancel a direct debit online up to a day before the payment is due, however you might want to leave more time than that.

You can cancel a direct debit by contacting your bank via online banking, over the phone or visiting a branch in person.

Be sure to pay any outstanding money you owe before cancelling to avoid any issues after.

How to cancel a direct debit

Cancel direct debit via online banking

  • Log into your online banking or mobile banking app.
  • Navigate to the section for payments or direct debits if there is one.
  • Select manage your payments or direct debits.
  • Select the direct debit that you want to cancel and follow the instructions to cancel.

Example of where to find direct debits in Monzo:


Cancel direct debit in a branch

Find the nearest branch of your bank and let them know that want to cancel a direct debit. Be sure to have the following details on hand:

  • The direct debit you wish to cancel
  • Your name and address
  • Bank name of the bank account you’re paying from
  • Account number
  • Sort code

Cancel direct debit over the phone

It’s best to avoid calling to cancel direct debits as the wait time could be long. Here are the numbers to call for a few major banks that could help you cancel your direct debit:

  • Barclays: 0345 734 5345
  • Santander: 0800 912 3123
  • Natwest: 0844 826 0447
  • Halifax: 0345 720 3040
  • HSBC: 03457 404 404
  • Monzo: 0800 802 1281

These steps might vary slightly according to your bank so it’s best to check directly with your bank.

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