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August 9, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

Roqqett: Best Payment Gateway for your online business

10 reasons why Roqqett is the best online payment gateway

Quick Summary

  • What is a payment gateway
  • Who is the best online gateway provider
  • Why choose Roqqett

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a middle man between the customer making the purchase and the merchant accepting the purchase. The gateway ensures security in both the payment being delivered and either party's bank details. Payment gateways are also used to facilitate a smooth transaction to reduce cart abandonment at checkout. 

So. Who is the Best Online Payment Gateway, provider?

The best liked by consumers and merchants. For its safe, secure and well-designed payment gateway. In number one, it’s Roqqett.

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1. Protecting your profit 

With Roqqett, there are no hidden fee’s. You pay a small% per transaction, and that’s it. World Pay, Paypal and Stripe charge you to use their services per month and have plans which further eat into your profit. Not with Roqqett.

2. Secure 

Roqqett is SCA regulated and has bank-grade encryption. In short, your money couldn’t be safer. 

3. Safe Information 

Customers information is saved on the first purchase via the checkout. This includes bank details, contact details and the customer’s address. Leading to less time wasted having to input their information per online checkout. All information is safe and secure with Roqqett’s bank-grade encryption.

4. SCA compliant 

With some payment gateways, like World Pay, you also need a third party to authenticate each transaction. Not with Roqqett; this feature is built into the software and allows you to focus on your business and not the nitty-gritty details. We put the consumers mobile phones at the heart of every transaction. 

5. Cashflow

Roqqett’s instant payment feature ensures you get paid straight away. This feature is helpful to any business, big or small, to make sure you keep up with outgoing payments. 

Roqqett payments clear up to 93% faster than their competitors.  

6. Automatic reconciliation of payments 

Payments are confirmed by Roqqett to let you know when the funds from a sale have gone through. So you know when to ship an item without losing profit. Suppose the customer's bank rejects a payment. Notifications from Roqqett tell you instantly and ensure you don't lose money releasing goods that haven’t been paid for. 

7. No card fraud 

Our payments are from one bank to another, so there are .o cards involved. Payments are accepted through biometric identification. Ensuring that your customer is kept safe and is happy in their payment journey. 

8. Lower fee than card providers

VISA and Mastercard have a lengthy list of their charging fees per month and per transaction. These can include up to 11 “middlemen” who all take a little bit of commission. With Roqqett, you only pay per transaction. 

9. Simple and effective design 

Roqqett uses a simple flow, which guides your customer easily and quickly—further reducing cart abandonment. 

10. Easy to put on your website

Roqqett is straightforward to integrate on your website, thanks to the comprehensive documentation provided. When you choose the Roqqett payment solution, both you and your web developer will be left happy and satisfied. 

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Key takeaways:

  • Add Roqqett to your online business to benefit from safe transactions for consumers and reliability for your business. 
  • Put Roqqett on your website by clicking here. 
  • Roqqett is the most preferred online payment gateway for businesses. 

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