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August 19, 2021
Author: Sara Mucciolo

Top 3 UK Online Payment Gateways

The key to a positive checkout experience? Using a solid, secure and fast online payment gateway.

Quick Summary

Rating our top Gateways 

  1. Roqqett
  2. Paypal
  3. World Pay


What is a Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a service that processes card payments online and offline. It provides the connection between the merchant and the customer’s bank, authorising purchases.

How does an online payment gateway work?

A payment gateway is a service, once integrated into a website (e-commerce platform) that allows the merchant to receive funds directly from their customers. 

Why use an online payment gateway?

Bu using an online payment gateway the integrated system will encrypt and secure both you and your customer’s sensitive information (their bank details), and also ensure you meet data security standards online. The more payment options, the more likely customers are to complete their purchase and reduce cart abandonment for you. 

Rating the top Online payment gateway providers 

1. Roqqett 

Top benefits of using Roqqett as a payment gateway

  • Increased Cashflow: instant payments, clearing payments up to 93% faster than traditional checkout methods. 
  • No chargebacks: boosting your profit
  • Customer satisfaction: seamless checkouts with fewer fields and clicks for customers to fill out
  • Roqqett remembers card numbers, addresses and contact details.
  • Allows seamless shopping, to prevent abandoned checkouts. 
  • Secure: SCA compliant, no need to get a third party to authenticate transactions. Roqqett has bank-grade security.  
  • Works with a free mobile app
  • Automatic reconciliation of payments + notification (reduce manual overhead and allows automation of back-office processes and logistics)
  • Lower fee’s than usual card options. 
  • No card fraud, with Face Identification. 

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Cons of using Roqqett:

  • We can’t find one.


2. Paypal

Pro’s of using Paypal 

  • You don’t need to apply for a merchant license 
  • Paypal is easy to add to your website 
  • Setting Payment references: You can block payments from customers overseas, or who have not provided their address, or have insufficient funds. 
  • Adding the Paypal button to your site is free
  • Encryption
  • You can set up subscription payments easily, on your desired billing cycle 
  • You don’t pay anything until you sell.
  • Advertisement on Paypal’s featured shops  

Con’s of using Paypal

  • You pay £0.30 per sale, and 2.9% of the selling price of your item
  • It costs to list your item on Paypal shops
  • Why support a faceless multinational? Paypal is becoming outdated. 


3. World Pay 

Top benefits of using World Pay 

  • No joining fee 
  • secure: a strong reputation, and has 24/7 customer support 

Con’s of using World Pay 

  • Expensive to integrate into your website and to generate invoices 
  • You may need to budget for a third-party eCommerce platform in order for World Pay to function. 
  • Not an end to end e-commerce solution 
  • Per transaction, there is a 2.75% fee and £0.20 charge or a monthly cost of £19.95 costing £239.40 a year.

Key takeaways 

  • Roqqett: Simple, fast and effective 
  • Paypal: Good for subscriptions, but is a faceless multinational  
  • World Pay: Expensive to implement 





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