Get paid for your classes by anyone
with a smartphone.

No cards, no card readers, no cash. Use your smartphone to take payments that hit your bank instantly and cost just 0.5%

Roqqett helps PTs save money

Every time you accept card payments you get charged a high transaction fee. Roqqett helps you save more of your hard-earned money by fighting back against faceless corporates like Visa and Mastercard. Next time you get paid by your client after a sweaty session, make sure you keep more of your profits by using Roqqett powered payments.

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How Roqqett works(out)...

PT 1Enter amount


Enter amount

Simply type in the value of your training session (that'll be £10.50 for our HIIT class thank you). 

PT 2Scan QR code


Show QR Code

Have your client scan the QR code
while you pack your equipment.

PT 3Payment Complete


Get paid

That’s it. Your client selects
their bank and pays you instantly.

Try it yourself now.

Donate to Common Seas charity

Common Seas LogoCommon Seas QR code
Pay £1.00

*Tap "Pay £1.00" if you are viewing this on your mobile. Otherwise simply scan the QR code with your phone camera.
All payments are donated directly to the Common Seas charity’s bank account.

Is it worth breaking a sweat?

Roqqett is free for personal use. Businesses unlock additional features like reports and a dedicated POS app for a 0.5% fee.... That’s 71% cheaper than our best competition.

Card fees infographic

Taking card payments is expensive, Roqqett is 71% cheaper than Sumup / iZettle and a 85% cheaper than traditional acquirers.

One ultra low fee of
0.5% per transaction.

No fixed fee per transaction
No hardware fees
No other fees at all...

It's time to level up

Create link or QR code screen

Money goes straight into your bank

Most card payments take days to ‘clear’. With Roqqett you get your funds instantly.

Payment Link Notification

No greedy card companies

Take out the middle man and lose the middle man fees. Keep more of what's yours.

Payments History Screen

Supporting the local economy

Less money for American card companies means more money in our local economy.

Roqqett might just be the ultimate coach

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Bank grade

Used to safeguard your
data after we securely
connect with your bank.

Privacy Screen


Roqqett is authorised
and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority.


How do I set up my QR code?
How do customers pay using Roqqett?
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