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Card payments were designed over 50 years ago. High fees from big card companies are hurting businesses. We think it’s time for an update.

We've used cutting edge opening banking technology to create a new payment network. By facilitating direct bank-to-bank transactions, Roqqett is simpler, faster, and cheaper than traditional card payments, and thanks to the biometric security needed to complete a Roqqett payment, it's also safer from fraud.

Roqqett helps

Utilising the latest in open banking technology, we provide low cost contactless payments by letting customers pay directly from their bank account to yours. Plus, we've made contactless better: enabling payments from increased distances, without payment limits.

Roqqett is

We use bank grade security measures to keep your information secure. All data is tokenised, so even we cant see it, and transactions must be approved through your bank's security as well as ours. But don't take our word for it - we're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, ensuring that we're held to the highest standards.

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The new way to pay: safe, socially-distanced payments: no cards, no card-readers.

Take payments from any UK bank account: with the lowest fees of any provider.