Turn first-time buyers into loyal customers.

Boost sales and repeat purchases with Roqqett Checkout, the seamless one-tap checkout journey for your customers.

Roqqett Gemini

Roqqett Checkout

Roqqett Checkout is the 2nd of the Roqqett Product range to create a seamless one-tap journey to checkout.

Built for every shopping experience, Roqqett Checkout places the customer's mobile phone at the heart of the checkout journey, adding benefit to both your business and your customers.

How it works

Roqqett Checkout is more than a payment option (Roqqett Pay). It's the complete express checkout journey for your customers, packed with additional benefits to boost loyalty and sales.

The Roqqett Checkout will offer customers the ability to complete their order with pre-saved details to spare them time in their future checkout journeys, along with digital receipts and parcel tracking.

For customers who choose to checkout with Roqqett Checkout for the first time.

1. Details

Step 1

When ready to pay, customers tap 'Pay with Roqqett' and add their shipping address.

2. Payment

Step 2

Customers can then select from the available shipping methods and confirm their order by authenticating the Roqqett payment.

3. Summary

Step 3

Once order is complete, customers receive a full order summary and free live parcel tracking.

For customers who have previously chosen to checkout with Roqqett Checkout.

1. Confirm Details

Step 1

When ready to pay, customers tap 'Pay with Roqqett' and their previously used shipping address, delivery options and payment methods will automatically load.

2. Authentication

Step 2

Customers complete their order by authenticating the Roqqett payment via their mobile banking app.

3. Summary

Step 3

Once order is complete, customers receive a full order summary and free live parcel tracking.

Customer benefits for choosing to check out with Roqqett Checkout.

Shop & Buy
in Seconds


Integrated address book  which saves customers details for all future Roqqett Checkouts to spare them time and drive impulsive buying.



Real-time tracking updates via our tracking API, complemented with Push Notifications if customers have the Roqqett App installed.

Digital Receipt
& Returns


Full order summary of customers purchase, as well as simple returns for items once delivered.

Your Benefits

Making the entire customer journey 'shoppable'

Customer Shoppable Journey


Build the future of e-Commerce with Roqqett. Discover how to integrate the Roqqett Checkout to boost your business revenue.


A solution for your every business need

Roqqett is the first payment solution to offer advantages across tech, finance and marketing.

Strong Customer Authentication

Since March 2022, all UK businesses will be required by law to enforce Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) when taking online payments.

We inherently incorporate SCA into our products, making Roqqett the faster, more secure and easier solution for your paying customers.

Roqqett Pay

Have a Woo Site?

Upgrade your online checkout with Roqqett’s WooCommerce Plugin, the option for customers to pay instantly using their banking app.

Get paid instant settlements on your Woo site!

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