The future of UK online payments

No fields to fill out, no card numbers to type in, just a tap to authenticate using a banking app.

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What is Roqqett?

A new generation of online payments

We’ve integrated directly with the banks and cut out old technology like cards. This makes paying with Roqqett simpler, faster and safer whilst saving you money in fees. Customers can pay without the Roqqett app, but it’s faster if they do.


How it works

Designed to be simple,
built to be fast.

The checkout process is easier and faster when customers don't need to fill out fields or type in card numbers. Tapping to authenticate with a banking app means it’s safe and secure too.

Roqqett has been designed to feel like a step into the future for the end customer. An intuitive experience that makes it easier to pay means customers keep coming back.

Reduce fraud, improve cashflow and save 74% on transaction fees

We’ve integrated directly with the banks to cut out cards. No cards, no card fees, no card fraud and no chargebacks. This means lower risk for you and Roqqett. Lower risk means Roqqett won’t hold your funds and in turn charges a much lower fee.

Pay less in fees, keep more of your profits and improve your cashflow now.


Get future proofed

The law is changing,
make it work in your favour.

SCA will be required by law from 14 March 2022. Online transactions will require the user to authenticate using something ‘they have’ or something ‘they are’ eg fingerprint or face ID.

By incorporating this into the checkout from the ground up, Roqqett is faster, more secure and easier to use.

SCA elements

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The law is changing,
make it work in your favour.

The Roqqett checkout can be integrated with a few lines of code.

Find out more in our documentation guide.


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