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August 3, 2021
Author: Joelle Phua

What is a Bill Splitting App and how to use one

Hate stressing about unpaid bills? Use our favourite bill splitting apps to get paid back quickly.

Quick Summary

1. Bill splitting apps help you get paid back quickly
2. Stay on top your finances by using different features on bill splitting apps
3. Avoid awkward conversations about asking for money back


Calling all students, house-sharers and bill-payers.

You know that dreaded feeling when the energy bill comes in? Or when you need to pay the bill at the restaurant?

Your friends now owe you money but you know that an almost-passive-aggressive-text on the group chat won't go down well. Never fear, bill splitting apps are here to save the day!

In this post, we'll define what a bill splitting app is, give you some of the best free AND paid options out there and get you started on how to use one.

Image source: Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

What is a bill splitting app?

A bill splitting app allows you to track, manage and split your bills between friends, housemates and more. Some apps even connect to your bank accounts so you can pay straight away or settle up outside the app if you prefer. 

Bill splitting apps are the most useful for students who share a house, couples and people who go out for meals or trips with friends. 

Any bills you can think of - water bills, group trips, restaurant bills, household shopping - a bill splitting app can help you with. There are so many features in these apps to help you keep your finances in shape that you don’t need to put off looking at your bank account any longer. 

Why is a bill splitting app important?

2021 research from shows that people are split (excuse the pun) on paying bills. For example, 13% of diners in the study had fallen out with someone over splitting the bill. So why put that burden on yourself and your friendships when there's an app ready to do that for you?

Gone are the days of losing track of how much everyone owes, now you don't need to pull out your calculator and manually figure out how much everyone needs to pay for which bill. A bill splitting app does all the hard math for you.

You can focus on enjoying your reunion dinner or living life and put confrontations about overdue owed money behind you.

Best 3 bill splitting apps in 2021

Most bill splitting apps are free but we want you to have all the best options available.

1. Roqqett

Roqqett enables you to pay and get paid back by just using a link or QR code and mobile banking app.

Download here

Free and free!
  • No need to struggle with bank details, just download the Roqqett App
  • Use the payment link for non-time sensitive payments like household bills
  • Get paid back immediately with the QR code at restaurants
  • See all your bank accounts in one place for easy money management

2. Splittr

Splittr is voted best for groups and roommates, making your life that much easier.

Download here

Free and premium at $0.99 per month
  • Free for iOS and Android
  • No registration required
  • Best for group payments and one-off bills
  • Download it here

3. Settle Up 

Download here

Settle Up is voted best for couples and groups, say au revoir to arguing over your finances.

Free and premium at $0.99 per month or $10.99 per year

  • Free for iOS, Android and Microsoft
  • Settle debts in one click
  • Share groups on the web without friends needing to download the app
  • Download it here

How do you use bill splitting apps?

Here are some ways you can make the most of your bill splitting app.

1. Get your friends on the app

It's free and easy as 1-2-3 to sign up and now you have a centralised place where you can see all your groups you may split payments with. Explore the features and see what you'll use the most!

2. Use it consistently

You'll see the most benefit when you use the app consistently for all of your expenses. Particularly for ongoing expenses like grocery shopping, there's no point in using a bill splitting app if not all of them are there.

This means that your expenses are in one place and you're less likely to forget or lose track of who owes who. After all, who doesn't like staying on top of their finances?

3. Utilise all the features that apply to you

Living with roommates? Use the tracking features.

Going on a group trip? Keep tabs on your expenses on the app.

Paying a restaurant bill? Use the QR code feature.

The great thing about bill splitting apps is that there is no one way to use them. Your life and experience is personal to you so your finances will be too.

Here are the key takeaways

  • Bill splitting apps are handy for making sure group bills are settled fuss and argument-free
  • Roqqett, Splittr and Tab are 3 of our fav bill splitting apps
  • You no longer need to manually calculate who owes who

Now go forth and split those bills!

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to pay and get paid via your phone, Roqqett is your best friend, check us out.


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