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July 29, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

Top 3 free websites for stock pictures

“Where can I find the best free stock pictures?” we’ve all been there. Here are our top three sites, which are free and easy to use. 1. Unsplash 2. Reshot 3. Rawpixel

Quick Summary

  1. Unsplash
  2. Reshot
  3. Rawpixel

What is a stock photograph? 

A stock photo is an excellent quality photograph that is licensed for public use. That project at school, that PowerPoint presentation which you need to spice up? Stock photographs are your answer. Most sites allow you to select the category which you desire; for example, ‘Architecture’ or ‘street art’ are common categories. Anyone can use stock photographs, but for some photographs, you have to pay for the license. Make sure you know before you use a photograph. 

Hot tip #1 

Never use a photograph for personal or commercial use which you do not have the license to use. Firstly it’s not fair on the photographer, and secondly, you could be given a penalty—more information on the legal jargon on copyright in the UK here

Our top free stock picture websites 

1.  Unsplash 

“The internet’s source of freely-usable images. Powered by creators everywhere.”  

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Unsplash, a source of images from creators everywhere. Offering creators to use their platform to upload, and gain greater reach through awards and events. Over 2 million pictures are divided into categories and are available for instant download. Photographs are added each day and are always top quality. It’s likely you’ll find the perfect image here. 

We also love the ability to give praise towards the creator, with the fun pop up (shown below). This pop up allows you to check out their profile and find out more on them. 

POPUP: Give attribution to creators for their amazing work!

2. Reshot 

“No attribution. Just attitude. Create bold, fearless designs with absolutely no attribution required.”

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Reshot, is comprised of a vast number of icons, illustrations and photographs. All images are available for instant download, in a variety of formats (SVG, PNG) for free. Reshot also has a community element, which allows content creators to use their snazzy platform to gain greater reach. 

We love the icon library, you can download beautifully curated designs. Once again perfect for your business to add some flair, but also great for adding to your own social media posts. Adding a artsy icon could make your content that bit more stylish. 

3. Rawpixel 

“Changing the way people see stock photos”

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Rawpixel, has the choice between paid and free services. The premium option will only set you back $9 a month, one of the cheapest on the market right now. If you go premium, they donate to Hope for Children on your behalf. The board’s feature gives you the ability to look through categories to find the image you need quickly and easily. 

The account option is handy to, as you can make collections and even give your favourite photo’s a like to save them for the future. Most photographs are linked to pintrest also, so add them to your boards to get your creative juices flowing!  

Why use stock photographs?

Stock photographs are a great way to spice up any website, presentation, marketing campaign or demo. Particularly if you are trying to save each penny, as most startups are aiming to do. Much like Roqqett, a rapidly growing fintech startup that is always finding ways to use all tools and hacks available. 

Let us know which website you think is better. But we are pretty confident that these sites will have all your stock photo, icon and graphic needs. 


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