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July 28, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

Tips and tricks to remember your login details

How to remember your login details? We’ve done the reading, so you have all the best tips and tricks at your fingertips.

Quick Summary

3 Tips to remembering logins:

  1. Hint sheet
  2. Password manager
  3. Memory palace

3 Tips to creating a secure password:

  1. 4 Random words
  2. Complexity
  3. What to avoid

You now have to make a login or a profile for most websites, restaurants and booking sites. 

Whether that’s the pint in lockdown or your email address, you likely have multiple logins. The average person in the UK has between 70 to 80 passwords in their lifetime, so why so many? 

Remembering your passwords is essential. Firstly, it’s a pain if you forget it. But more importantly, your data is private and could fall into the wrong hands. So we find ourselves finding the balance between having a variety of passwords and trying to cram them into our memory. 

The 3 top tips and tricks for remembering your login information.

1. Create a Hint Sheet 

No, this doesn’t mean write down every login you’ve ever had on paper and throw it in a safe. Start by listing the service name, e.g. Roqqett and then mark which email address the account is connected with. You could choose to create a hint for both username and password; it's up to you. Here’s a suggestion for the hint sheet.

Name | Email | Username | Password Hint

Roqqett | | JohnJSmith1 | 4 foods which shouldn’t go together but are all mum’s favourite colour  

Deliveroo | | JaneMills3 | The person who ate the Christmas dinner in their favourite place

2. Use a Password Manager 

Having 70 to 80 passwords, it’s almost impossible to remember them all. If you can, maybe you’ve tried the points above, or you could have weak passwords. Most password managers offer a free browser add on, to automatically save or fill passwords. All you need is one master password, which is different from your others! Most sites offer free and paid options, and they can even include benefits like sharing folders of passwords with family members!

Here are the top password managers right now. 


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3. The Memory Palace 

The memory palace requires something or somewhere you are attached to. Some people suggest using a childhood book. Take Harry Potter, numerous characters and could be combined with a fun analogy or even as just a hint. 

If this solution sounds good to you, check out more on this short Youtube video.

The top 3 tips and tricks to create a secure password 

1. Use four random words. 

It’s no myth; the longer the password, the less likely you’ll be able to be hacked. Using four words is helpful because you are avoiding names and common passwords like Qwerty! No one will ever link those words to you.


Use this random word generator! 

Here’s what we got: Cash Trolley Pea Store 

2. Add complexity  

To add further complexity to your password, try interchanging characters and numbers. 

Here’s a mock password: Ca$htrolleyp3as!ore0

In this, we’ve made use of the other symbols and numbers. You could try changing the ‘s’ into a z, or even capitalise, add some: !, @, €, %, *, (.  

3. Stop using these passwords. 

Names, sequences of numbers, commonly used words, football teams, places, let that end now. You could be setting yourself up for a nasty fate. It’s often suggested you use a base password and then alter it depending on the system you sign up for; sure, this is great, but make your base word anything other than this list.

1. Qwerty

2. Password

3. 1234

4. Letmein

5. Princess

6. Sunshine

7. Arsenal 

8. Chelsea 


Always enable 2-factor authentication. An extra layer of protection if your password is cracked.

Key takeaways

  • A hint sheet can jog your inner password safe 
  • Try a password manager; some are free!
  • There’s a Memory palace for you to make
  • The weirder the password, the more wonderful.
  • Complexity can be added easily to your password 
  • Stop being predictable with your password.

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