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October 1, 2020
Author: Megan Smith

The cashless habit that’s changing your business

Going Cashless: How to make the move and what are the benefits for your business?

Quick Summary

In this article you'll learn:

1. The 3 benefits of going cashless

2. How to make the move towards a cashless business


For some business owners, the thought of ditching cash is daunting. But research shows that since the pandemic, the move towards a cashless society has accelerated. With 50% of small businesses being cashless, and developments in mobile payment technology becoming more frequent, there's a lot to be said for a cashless business model.

3 benefits of going cashless

1. Saves time

From counting the cash at the end of the day to the frequent trips that you make to the bank, cash management costs money and time. If only there was a creative and sustainable way to smartly scale your business. Thankfully, there already is one.

By becoming a cashless business you can simplify operations and lay the foundation for rapid growth. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Sweetgreen, who saw between 5% and 15% increase in transaction per hour after making the move.

2. It's what your customers want

This isn’t something new. Debit card transactions overtook cash as the most popular form of payment over two years ago. Since then, the pandemic has created an immediate need for safer, more efficient shopping experiences. As such, eight-in-ten (78%) consumers worldwide have changed the way they pay.

Despite the unpredictability of the pandemic, a new normal can create new habits. In this case, it may drive society to a digital-first mindset. And as a natural reaction to the pandemic, businesses should integrate. Not only will this help the current climate but also to futureproof the business in the long term.

3. More hygienic

For years we’ve been talking about how dirty cash is. But now more than ever, we need to feel safe when we shop.

Your business may have ditched cash months ago. But even with contactless, you continue to face the problem of maintaining a safe social distance. While some businesses resorted to sellotaping a card reader to a plastic screen. Creative but not the most professional. We have a better solution. With Roqqett, you can take and make contactless payments from over 2 meters away. So, it’s time you ditch the sellotape and download our app.

How to make the move towards a cashless business?

1. Think about what you'll need

In general, becoming a cashless business can be expensive. You’ll need to invest in a Virtual Terminal, Contactless Card Reader and a Payment Terminal. But at Roqqett, we believe that the best technology should be available for everyone. No need to spend any money on any hardware. All you need to do is download our free app, set up a free account, and start taking payments.

2. Talk to your staff

Change can be stressful. It’s why people avoid it.

We’re mindful of this. It’s one of the reasons why our app is simple to use, and very little training is needed. As such, you can concentrate on your staff. So that they are comfortable and confident when operating the new payment process.

3. Tell your customers about the new way to pay

Your customers are the lifeboat of your business. How you operate and carry out your business will impact how your customers perceive you. So, it’s time to get on social media, send emails, and start conversations about why you’ve made the move. Tell your customers why it’s better for them.

Get a sign in the front window to tell them that you're a cashless business. Make sure that even the people who don’t know you yet, know that you’re an innovative and forward thinking company.

Whatever you choose, make sure your customers know about your new system. The last thing you want is to turn people away!

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