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September 15, 2021
Author: Joelle Phua

PayPal vs Roqqett: Which is best for payments?

Discover which money app, PayPal or Roqqett, is better to pay and get paid with.

Quick Summary

  • Comparing Roqqett and PayPal's payments
  • Pros and cons of each app
  • Which app is best for making payments

Sending money through the antiquated method of bank transfers is so 2020… peer to peer payments is the way of the future. In this blog post, we’re comparing PayPal and Roqqett to see which is the best for making payments! 


Roqqett has been ahead of the game for a while, being one of the first to utilise Open Banking technology to facilitate direct bank-to-bank transfers. This means that you don’t need to use card readers or input card details of the payee every time you need to pay someone back, for example.

Imagine what you could do with all the time and effort you save! 

Getting paid

With the Roqqett app in the palm of your hand, you’ll be ready for any situation where you need to get paid back. 

Here are all the different ways you can get paid instantly with the Roqqett app:

  • QR code - if you’re at a restaurant or with the person you want money back from, simply show them your personal QR code and impress them with the magic of instant payments without needing bank details! You can even add a custom amount so there are no mistakes in the payment.
  • Personal payment link - you can also send your payment request through a link. Share it as an SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook message or whatever channel you please.
  • Personal launchcode - if you’re looking for donations, donors can simply search for your unique launchcode which can be found in your profile or above your QR code. 
  • Nearby payments - another option is to turn on your Bluetooth and start a “nearby payment” session. 

And all the above is completely free!

Example of your personalised QR code and payment link in Roqqett.

Paying someone

If you’re paying someone, you don’t need a Roqqett account at all which skips the hassle of signing up just to complete one payment. However if you want to make all your payments as easy, downloading Roqqett (free!) is your best bet.

When you want to send money, follow these 3 easy steps: 

  • Either click on the link you’ve been sent or scan the recipient’s unique QR code.
  • Select the bank account you want to pay with.
  • You’ll be taken to your bank account to log in and authorise the payment.

Spending insights

While Roqqett payments are the star of the show, a close contender is the Insights. To properly understand your finances, analytics is key. However, understandably, maths isn’t everyone’s favourite, so Roqqett has done the heavy lifting. 

Spending insights will help you catch if you’ve been owed money and then you can head to the request section to send out your payment link! Talk about a smooth app experience, ey?

Bank-grade security

Last but not least, the inherent security you get when using an Open Banking platform such as Roqqett ensures you’re protected from fraud and scams. Just make sure you double-check who you’re sending money to!


PayPal’s link has been really popular in usage but compared to Roqqett, you can’t add a custom amount when you’re requesting in-app. As well as that, you need to have a PayPal account to send or receive money - a huge downside considering that’s not needed with Roqqett.

Example of PayPal's QR code. Note the seller fees.

On the plus side, you can complete payments with PayPal completely in the browser if you want - though having your Roqqett app is definitely more secure. 

And of course, PayPal’s famous for its hidden fees that plague sellers. Even if you just want to request money from people from the app, seller fees apply (as you can see from the screenshot).


Even though PayPal has been big in the payments game for a long time, it’s clear that with more innovative and easier-to-use apps like Roqqett, it may decline in popularity. 

If you want to get ahead, be sure to download Roqqett for free to use the latest and greatest banking technology!

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