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August 3, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

Monzo Payment vs Roqqett payment

The hot coral cards of Monzo are everywhere. But have you heard of Roqqett? This app is the leader within the open banking world!

Quick Summary

  1. What is Roqqett? Monzo?
  2. How do you pay with Monzo
  3. How do you pay with Roqqett
  4. More benefits about Roqqett

What is the difference between Monzo & Roqqett? Which is better? We’ve compared these two fintech banking systems for you! 

Firstly, what is Roqqett and Monzo? 

Roqqett is storming the online banking world, changing the way we bank with each other. Roqqett is for both Personal and Business use. All you need to have is a smartphone with a banking app installed. 

While, Monzo is an online bank, for both Personal and Business use. All you need is an internet connection to make an account. You can spend, save and manage your money in one place. A number of bank accounts are available including Current, Plus, Premium, Joint and 16-17 accounts. 

How do I pay someone with Monzo? 

You need to have them as a contact on your phone, and they have to have Monzo! Or you can send a payment link via message, text or DM. Or there’s the regular bank transfer, so you will need the recipient's Name, Account number and sort code. Payments can take up to two hours, and can be slower towards the end of the day. 

HINT#1 You may also need Monzo’s bank address, so keep this in your notes! 

Monzo’s Address: Monzo, Broadwalk House, 5 Appold Street, London EC2A 2AG 

How do I pay someone with Roqqett? 

You’ll need your phone, and decide if you want to scan a QR code, pay by Bluetooth, send a link, or tap on a contact name. The recipient will receive the money instantly and securely. Simple! 

The Bluetooth payment is awesome if it’s a one-off payment to someone you don’t know well, and want to keep your details private. 

To download Roqqett, Download the Roqqett app here To try it yourself, click here and scan the QR code to donate £1.00 to Common Seas. 

..Some other benefits of Roqqett: 

  1. No Bank details needed 

Roqqett’s most popular feature is the ability to pay anyone, with or without the Roqqett application without needing their banking details. You can pay each other using a link, QR code, Bluetooth, your contacts in Roqqett and regular banking details if needed. Gone are the days of asking for someone’s bank details and the panic if you have the right! 

The QR code is the most popular feature, don’t believe that you can scan a QR code? Try it now, and donate £1.00 to common seas, by clicking here and scanning the QR code.  

HINT # If you have the Roqqett app, your friends don’t need it to pay you! No more excuses for money which you are owed.

  1. Bank accounts in one place 

With the Roqqett app you can store all your bank accounts in one place, and move money between each account from the Roqqett app. This means less moving money around and logging into many different banks. It was found that one in four have multiple accounts, so this feature comes in super handy.

  1. Bank Grade encryption 

Roqqett strives to protect its consumers and maintain their privacy. We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, to ensure all procedures protect our customers. All data is encrypted, and Roqqett has a strict Privacy Policy. 

  1. It’s free & Direct. 

To download and to use, for you and your friends! No hidden fee’s either. Instead of waiting for that balance to pass through, or having to manually move it, it goes directly into your bank account! 

Good news. No need to pick one side - Roqqett supports Monzo Payments, and plenty of other banking providers, check it out here.   

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