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October 11, 2021
Author: Joelle Phua

Money Insights: How to track your finances with Roqqett

How Roqqett makes staying on top of your finances hassle-free, satisfying and dare we say... fun?!

Quick Summary

  • How you can learn about your financial self through Roqqett
  • How Roqqett helps you reduce overspending
  • How Roqqett makes finance management more accessible

Whether you're a seasoned pro budgeter or a newbie who's a bit intimidated by all the numbers, the Roqqett app caters to your specific preferences and lifestyle. And when the average total debt per adult in the UK is £32,053, there's no better time to get in the know with your money.

In this blog post, we'll go through how Roqqett makes staying on top of your finances hassle-free, satisfying and dare we say... fun?!

We'll cover learning about your financial self, utilising Roqqett’s features to reduce overspending and making finances less scary.

New in the app: Money insights

Gone are the days of manually calculating your spending and inputting numbers into a complicated spreadsheet. Instead, imagine getting smart summaries of your finances that help you hit your financial goals.

At Roqqett, we've launched a brand new Insights feature that's designed to do just that.

Insights is where all your spending breakdowns live. It's designed so that, at a glance, you'll know the status of your finances with insights you won't find in most other apps. 

Just some of the new features include:

  • Average transactions for each spending category
  • Relevant daily notifications
  • Summaries for your spending

Think of Roqqett as your new personal finance assistant.

Download the free Roqqett app now to try it out!

1. How you can learn about your financial self through Roqqett

Have you ever copied what others are doing to budget or save but end up not sticking to it? We are all guilty of doing this at some point and it's not your fault for not following through with the plan.

The problem most likely lies with either of these two things:

  • Not knowing your starting point
  • OR not customising to your lifestyle

Roqqett eliminates these problems by setting you up on a good foundation. It's important to learn about where you are now financially so that you can make the best plan going forward.

More cautious or spontaneous with spending? More detail-orientated or big picture? Here's how one of our new features helps you learn more about your financial personality.

Feature highlight: average transactions

Where in the app: insights > click on a category to view further breakdown

This unique feature allows you to see your average transaction every time you spend within a certain category.

For example, if you want to see how much you spend on groceries on average, Roqqett analyses every visit and calculates that for you.

And if you're all about the details, you can view this by time period: last 30 days, last 3 months and last year.

With Roqqett's money insights, you'll get to know your financial self in no time!

2. How Roqqett helps you reduce overspending

With the holiday season coming up, expenditure tends to increase and when January rolls around, you don't want to be forced to be extra tight with spending.

This is why it's important to have a good habit of curbing overspending before it even happens.

Because sometimes all it takes is for a few small purchases to suddenly tip you over the edge of your available budget! But checking all of your bank accounts separately is a tedious task that no one wants to do...

Which is why we added daily notifications to speed up that process.

Feature highlight: relevant daily notifications

Where in the app: conveniently on your phone's lock screen!

We get it, you're probably already inundated with notifications and we don't want to add to that noise. That's why we curated our notifications to show you the most crucial information - your account balances.

Get your spending analysed and summarised while you sleep so you don't have to lift a finger! Instead, wake up and get updated with your money newsfeed in Roqqett over a good cuppa.

Then, you can use this information to prevent overspending:

  • Plan ahead when your account balance gets lower.
  • Gain control of your finances by being in the know.
  • Know when you tend to spend more.

Pro tip: To get the most accurate overview of your finances, you can connect all of your accounts into Roqqett.

We're all about making your money working smarter not harder, so when it comes to your budgeting, you won't have to calculate all your spending yourself, Roqqett does that for you!

3. How Roqqett makes finance management more accessible

If you're newer to "finance management", even that phrase might send shivers down your spine. This might have stopped you from taking true ownership of your money and where it goes.

Financial success is all about knowledge, so you could be missing out on a lot of potential.

Roqqett combats this by breaking everything down into digestible bite-sized pieces of information designed to empower you, and your finances.

Feature highlight: category and merchant breakdowns

Where in the app: insights > swipe between the category and merchant breakdown pages

The handy pie charts give you a quick visual overview of your top 5 spending areas. You might be used to seeing your spending broken down by category, by splitting up your merchants is less common.

Breaking down your total spending into smaller categories allows you to easily pick out overspending and understand the health of your finances in an instant. This way, the work is done for you and all you have to do is decide what action to take.

Pro tip: When deciding what area to target first, list out your financial priorities and start with what is the most relevant / urgent.

No more scratching your head trying to figure out what to cut back on!

Here are the key takeaways

  • Taking back control of your finances doesn't need to be boring and intimidating.
  • Financial knowledge is power. Roqqett presents the information to you in an actionable way.
  • Utilise the features on Roqqett to get the most out of your money.

What are you waiting for? Download your free Roqqett app today to level up your finances.

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