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August 9, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

How to make money as a student

Being a student is expensive, and some extra cash wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Quick Summary

  • Roles which are flexible, and well paid
  • Which sites to use 
  • Hot tips when you work in these roles.


1. Babysitting

Comfortable around kids from summers with your siblings or from previous work? Babysitting often pays well in larger cities and you’ll find once one parent likes you, you’ll be referred to as many families as you can handle! You can expect anything from £8-10+ per hour! Be aware that some parents would like a character reference and some cooking skills. Ask upon your first introduction with them, and make sure they have realistic expectations of what you will be doing. 

Some websites you should try and advertise your availability or get work from:

  • School Notices: Post about who you are, and what skills you have! 
  • Find parents across the UK who are advertising for help! 
  • Indeed: Find parents across the UK, who are advertising for help! 

Perfect for: AdHock Work, Confident people and in people persons.

HOT TIP #1 Most parents will either bank transfer you, or try to give you cash. Make it easier for yourself and ask for them to Download Roqqett, and pay you on the spot by Bluetooth! As sometimes parents may forget or even not pay you for a few days!

2. Selling unwanted clothes and items 

If you’ve watched Marie Kondo, you’ll know that you can always re-home items which do not ‘spark joy’ for you. This is also a sustainable hack, and prevents waste! Most people try Depop, Vinted or, but we’ve found a lot of our users having the most success with Ebay (As items go quicker!).

Try these lesser known sites for selling unwanted items:

Perfect for: Money without leaving the house and sustainably conscious folk.

Become an online tutor 

Most people assume you have to want to be a teacher, or at degree level. This is not the case, you’ll be amazed what some people need help with. From Art’s to Computer science, there is almost definitely something you could do. 

Check out these sites for online tutor work:

You can expect £20-£80 per hour, depending on your success rates, location and education level. 

Perfect for: Money without leaving the house, remote work and scheduled work 

HOT TIP #2 Ask to be paid with the Roqqett app, to stop sites taking commission or slowing down how quickly you are paid. Download the Roqqett app here, and ask your client to do the same. 

3. Online Surveys 

This suggestion can allow you to also try out new websites and products! Depending on the website, you can make cash or earn points to go towards things you need. A flexible and easy solution which allows you to earn as little or as much as you want! You could also try being paid for searching the web, if surveys aren’t your thing! 

Check out these sites for survey work:

Perfect for: Opinion leaders, Remote work.

4. Be a Delivery driver 

Car, bike, public transport or renting transport? This could be one for you, you’ll be able to get a better feel for the city you are working in, and be able to gain tips! Everyone needs delivery drivers, and you’ll get in your steps too!

Try these websites to become a delivery driver:

  • Hermes: As you are self employed, you could choose a weekend shift! (This company tends to have set hours, but you could earn more ££)
  • Deliveroo: Take on as much work as you like, delivering food and groceries.
  • Uber Eats:  Take on as much work as you like, delivering food and groceries.
  • Just Eat: Take on as much work as you like, delivering food 

Perfect for: Fitness at work, self employed work

5. Be an Extra 

Maybe you consider yourself an actor, or want to have a trendy side hustle. Being an extra could be for you. There is a casting process, and you’ll find work a bit less planned or scheduled. But you could earn up to £200 a day! It may be worth signing up to more than one agency, to get more frequent work!

Try these websites to be an Extra:

Perfect for: Confident, on the stage people 

HOT TIP #3 Also try getting cashback on purchases you are already making. You may gain more than you think! Try Quidco now! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Both in person and online work can be flexible!
  • Set your working week, and start working with the suggested roles.
  • Try and use the Roqqett app as much as possible, to avoid the tiresome bank details and cash! 

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