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August 24, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

How to get a Post Office (PO) Box

PO boxes have a number of benefits, as they provide an extra layer of professionalism and privacy for you and your business.

Quick Summary

  • What is a PO Box 
  • 4 reasons you should have one 
  • How to set up a PO box 
  • How much a PO box costs


What is a PO Box Address?

APO Box (A Post Office Box), is a secure and private lockable box, which allows the receiver to get mail at an address other than their main address or place of work. 

4 reasons you should have a PO box 

1. Keeping your address private 

This prevents unwanted visitors and gives you the ability to redirect mail to the relevant department. This is most useful for bigger companies. 

2. Professional Image

Smaller businesses that may have been set up from home, also do not wish to make their address public. It also portrays a professional image to potential clients and companies. 

3. Overseas businesses 

Without needing UK premises and hiring staff, this gives an overseas business the ability to operate within the UK. 

4. You regularly move addresses or live in shared accommodation 

This allows you to stop the mail from going to lots of addresses and adds an extra layer of privacy.

How to set up a PO Box

There are two ways to apply for a Royal Mail PO Box

1. Online 

  1. Create or log in to your Royal Mail account, here 
  2. Get your payment card ready 
  3. Get your proof of ID ready 
  4. Fill out the online form, here 

2. Via Post 

  1. Download the form, here
  2. Send the completed form with a cheque and proof of ID
  3. Send your application to:
Royal Mail PO Box Team,
Dearne House,
Cortonwood Drive
S73 0UF

HOT TIP #1 It can take up to 7 days to set up your PO box.

HOT TIP #2 We recommend processing your application online, it’s easier and quicker. 

How much does a Royal Mail PO box cost?

Simply put, it varies on the type of PO box you’d like.

A PO box transfer means that you collect your PO box and normal mail at your convenience from your local delivery office.

A PO box delivery means that you’d like your mail to be delivered from your PO box, to your address.

A PO box collection means you collect your PO box mail when it suits you from your local delivery office.

The cheapest option is the PO box collect option at £215 per annum. This is a flat fee and is not based on the number of letters you receive.  

HOT TIP #3 Some mail companies offer free PO boxes, so make sure to search out these deals.

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