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August 13, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

How to find your perfect broadband 

Tips and tricks to consider when choosing a broadband deal

Quick Summary

  • Some Tips to finding your perfect broadband 
  • Ranking our favourite comparison sites for broadband 
  • Things you may not have considered with your broadband


Firstly, consider what you need from your broadband provider. Do you need a landline, unlimited data usage, speedy (so you have uninterrupted zoom calls), or does the contract length impact your choice? Without obviously forgetting the price per month, so you can budget this into your spending. 

Our top broadband search engines 

  1. Uswitch 
  2. Moneysavingexpert 

Things to consider when choosing your broadband provider

Check the coverage in your area: check which packages and providers are available for your area.

Click here to find out the coverage in your area. 

What type of coverage do you need

  • Working from home or constantly on the move? 
  • Home broadbands: you’ll want something which is easy to install
  • Business broadbands: you may need additional IP addresses, email addresses, online storage space or added security 
  • On the go: it may be worth considering if you should try a Network package if you are constantly on the go. This could be additional data to your telephone contract or a portable dongle to take on the go.

Measure the broadband speed 

  • You could try measuring your current speed and compare to what’s on offer, by clicking on this link here. 
  • Providers will state the average speed, do consider that there is a 50% chance the average speed could be lower or higher, as they are only giving you an average. Sadly, this is out of your control, and dependent on where you need coverage. 

What do you need out of your broadband?

Be aware of the contract length

Some contracts are still 12 months, however, some companies are pushing towards an 18-month contract. So how long do you need it for? You could be charged additional fees to leave your contract early! 

HOT TIP #1 Ofcom regulations have tightened, if your broadband is not meeting your minimum speed requirements, you’ll be eligible to back out of a contract. 

Do you need additional extras included?

Some companies now offer telephone and landline thrown in, but is this really what you need? Don’t be fooled by the free NOWTV, or Skygo packages. Sometimes this is a hook to keep you in an 18-month contract! But a bundle may save you money if you normally buy these additional packages on top! 

HOT TIP #2 Keep a check on the cost of your package after your contract length, some companies may try to increase the prices!

Work out the cost of signing up and leaving the contract.

Some providers throw in a free broadband HUb, some you’ll have to return at the end of your contract. Other providers will need particular ethernet connections to plug in the hub; check you have these first! 

Read their customer service scores.

When issues arise, you’ll likely be in contact with your provider. Make sure they have a solid reputation for their customer service, so that your concerns are dealt with properly along the way.

We recommend Trust Pilot

Click on the link here to check out your preferred provider. 

Key Takeaways 
  • There is a package for everyone, but make sure it’s tailored to you.
  • Make sure to keep an eye out for increasing prices after your contract ends 
  • Ofcom will help you get out of a contract where you are not provided the service you were promised.

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