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July 22, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

Home workout or the gym?

Are you burning off steam or getting into shape? Which is better: the home workout or a Gym membership?

Quick Summary

  1. Comparing costs
  2. Gymtimidation
  3. Tribe mentality
  4. Range of equipment

With lockdown restrictions lifting, we've been thinking.. Is my gym membership worth the cost, or shall I continue with my home workouts? 

With most of us considering our budgets, we've noticed our customers cancelling their gym memberships to save money. There's pro's and con's to each, but we've highlighted the top four factors. 

Home workouts are cheaper. 

Home workouts require less travel and membership fees to include in your budget. Depending on location, travelling to the gym time could be an entire home workout. 

Below shows the average cost of a basic gym membership per year and what you could also buy with that cash. 

One Basic Gym membership for the year or..

  • 96 £5 pint's
  • 160 £3 meal deals
  • A 3 night staycation in 4 star hotel in Cornwall
  • 128G 2020 ipad

Personal trainers are often not included in this price and cost £30-£200 per session. So, the average membership cost of a gym and a trainer is £200.  

With the rise of this figure, many new applications such as Apple fitness+, GymShark, Pure Gym offer workouts explicitly tailored to your fitness goals, using items you can order online or are hanging around your home. 

Some other links to check out:


It has also been reported that 50% of non-gym attendees regard the gym as ‘intimidating’. Some choose to workout from home primarily because, they feel more comfortable and save on the membership. 1 in 4 have even said they'd rather have an injection than go to the gym because of this. To minimise ‘gymtimidation’ you could try, having an orientation to get to know the equipment or choosing off-peak times, early in the morning or from 11am. 

Tribe mentality 

Attending a gym provides motivation and a pack mentality. All who go are like-minded and are concerned with fitness—also providing a social element, as you can meet new people with similar interests. Others also consider the gym commitment, which encourages better scheduling within their week. Home workouts can become tiresome and lead to boredom from the repetition of exercises. If you are going to the gym or working out at home, why not try working out with a friend? It’s likely you’ll motivate each other and could even inspire each other. Additionally, you could act as each other's ‘spotters’ and help one another in heavy lifting exercises, and reduce the risk of injury! 

Range of equipment 

Whether you wish to swim, lift weights or use a treadmill. Gyms often cater to a wide range of fitness activities, which you may not have space or funds to have at home. 

Some at home equipment you could try

So are you a self-motivated fitness freak, or in need of some motivation conditioning for a fee?

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