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October 18, 2021
Author: Sara Mucciolo

Emma vs Roqqett: Which is best for tracking spend?

Discover which app, Emma or Roqqett, is better for tracking your finances.

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Finding the perfect money app that suits your needs can be hard. That is why in this article we’ve decided to help you out by comparing two of the most successful spending insights apps currently on the market: Emma and Roqqett. More specifically, we’ll be assessing which one is the best for tracking spending. Keep reading to find out who takes the #1 spot on the podium!


By simply syncing all your bank and credit card accounts with Roqqett, you will be able to have full visibility of all your transactions across your accounts in real-time, saving you time and energy from having to log in and out of your individual banking apps.

If you download Roqqett, this is what you can expect:

1. Full view of your accounts and transactions for optimal money tracking

Ok, so let’s say you’ve connected all your accounts in the Roqqett app. Now you can navigate to your “Accounts” tab, where Roqqett will show both your Total Balance across all your accounts, as well as a real-time update of the Current Balance of each account. This is especially handy when it comes to tracking your spending and tracking how much money you have all together at any given time.

Furthermore, if you navigate to your “Insights” tab, then that’s where you can truly experience the Roqqett magic! By simply having all your transactions joint in one place, Roqqett makes it is easier for you to detect any price changes, as well as spot any transaction you might not recognise.

That’s right! Gone are the days where you spend hours scrolling through your banking apps! Just use Roqqett to get what you need. ⁠

2. Automatic transaction categorisation and re-categorisation:

Financial success is all about making your money work smarter not harder. ⁠ At Roqqett, the focus is on analysing your spending and giving you all the insights you need to empower yourself to spend smarter. ⁠What do I mean by this? To start off, the free app categorises all your transactions, automatically! That’s right, Roqqett does all the heavy lifting. However, if you feel like a certain transaction would fit better in a different category, then you are free to re-categorise at any given time. This feature was built to help you be aware of all your money outgoings and in-goings, as well as show you if you're overspending in any or one particular area (like eating out maybe?).

As part of this handy feature, Roqqett also includes an intuitive pie chart which gives you a quick visual overview of your top 5 categories and merchants.⁠ And in true Roqqett style, it fits perfectly with the clean and minimalist design of the app, so that you are not overwhelmed by the information being presented.

3. Category & Merchant Spending Insights

To help you budget better, Roqqett provides smart insights about your spending, specifically how much you spend for each category and at each merchant so you can always stay on track.

Based on how you like to view your spending, Roqqett allows you to filter by date or amount, as well as view your transactions in a 30 day, 3 months or 1 year period.

The insights include useful information such as:

  • Full list of all the transactions within each category

  • Average transaction spend per category and per merchant

  • How much your spending in each category has gone up or down in the last 30 days, 3 months or year⁠

  • A spend breakdown of all the transactions within each category and merchant

Simply check your spending summaries to start making the best financial decisions for your future. With these Roqqett Insights, you can discover more about your spending habits and keep track of which categories and merchants have the highest spend for you to start cutting down on!

Overall, Roqqett’s mission is to make managing your money simple, easy and quick, without sacrificing quality data!, as it breaks down your finances into bite-sized insights for you to digest. So what are you waiting for? Kickstart your money tracking journey with Roqqett by simply downloading the Free App, available both on iOS and Android.


Like Roqqett, Emma brings all your spending transactions together in its one app, once you sync your different bank accounts. But there is no match when it comes to tracking spend

If using their “Free” version, Emma provides:

  • A full view of your accounts and respective balances

  • A summary of all your transactions

  • A Breakdown of how much you spent in the last week

  • A list of all your subscriptions

All of these prove to be very useful, however, when you consider how much more you can get with their two paid plans ( £4.99/month for Emma Plus OR £9.99/month for Emma Pro), you’ll probably want to start considering other solutions that are totally free (like Roqqett for example).

Emma Plus:

  • Better and more Cash back deals

  • Turbo updates

  • Priority Support (Roqqett prioritises everyone #JustSayin)

  • Fraud Detection (surely that should be a given…)

  • True Balance to see your balance before payday

  • Bill reminders

Emma Pro - Same as Emma Plus with additional features:

  • Accurate Net-worth

  • Set Savings Goals

  • Custom Categories

  • Offline Accounts

  • Rolling Budgets

  • Exporting of data to excel spreadsheets

  • Advanced Transactions Editing

  • Split, Rename & Amend Transactions

Overall, when it comes to tracking spending, there is no match. Roqqett is the clear winner, thanks to its 100% free features and intuitive design that makes tracking your money fun and engaging.

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