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January 6, 2022
Author: Sara Mucciolo

Emma vs Roqqett: Which is best for payments?

Discover which money app, Emma or Roqqett, is better to pay and get paid with.

Quick Summary

  • List of different payment methods
  • Roqqett vs Emma comparison
  • Reason to Roqqett being the clear winner

If you are reading this, then it’s safe to say that you’re trying to figure out which Money App is right for you. More specifically, which of the two, Emma or Roqqett, is the best for payments. Keep reading to find out who takes the win.  

Ok, so imagine living in a world where you can pay and get paid by friends without having to use cards, cash or exchange bank details... that's exactly what Roqqett does (and Emma copies). I say copies, because Roqqett was the first money app to build the following innovative payment methods listed below, while Emma was busy focusing on budgeting features.

Like Roqqett, Emma allows for peer-to-peer payments via QR codes, bank transfers and payment links. However, there’s no match when it comes to comparing the speed and seamlessness of payments, as Roqqett is and will always be the fastest and most intuitive option.

Now, like I said both Emma and Roqqett allow you to pay and get paid by anyone without sharing bank details. These include payments via:

1. QR Code

Ideal for when you are together with your friends. All they have to do is scan your QR code with their phone camera and they can pay you on the spot. ⁠

2. Unique Payment Link

Ideal for every situation, where all anyone has to do is tap the link and confirm the payment in their banking app! They don't even need to have Roqqett to pay you! ⁠

Let me re-iterate on this one… ANYONE can pay you on Roqqett, even if they DO NOT have the Roqqett app. Realistically, it's a shame your friends don't have Roqqett downloaded... but that doesn't mean they can't pay YOU using Roqqett Technology! That's the magic of Roqqett Payments... as long as you have a Roqqett account, ANYONE can pay you by confirming with their banking app.

It's as easy as sending an SMS asking for your money back, but only this time no excuses as the Roqqett link does all the heavy lifting.

Sharing is caring, so help us share the magic of Roqqett with your friends by spreading the word, so they too can get paid by ANYONE. Simply log into the app and invite your friends to join.

3. Bluetooth

Ever tried airdropping your money? This is a Roqqett Special (aka something Emma is yet to think of...) With Roqqett's nearby payments feature, you can instantly pick up or start a nearby payment request to pay or get paid by your friends!⁠⁠ So yes, it’s like airdropping your pictures, but with Money!

4. Contacts

Connect your contacts and pay them directly. The more friends use Roqqett the easier it is to pay and get paid! Go ahead and invite your mates to join the crew! ⁠⁠

5. Bank Transfer

Last and certainly least.. the oldest way of them all is via bank transfers. Type in their bank details to start the payment process.⁠⁠

You’ve probably noticed how the above focuses more on what Roqqett Payments are capable of doing… that’s because Roqqett is the clear winner. Let’s just say Emma is a much slower version of all the above (minus point 3, as we already pointed out...)

We believe it's time for you and your friends to experience the real magic that is Roqqett! So give it a go and let us know how you like it! ⁠

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