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November 2, 2020
Author: Megan Smith

Community engagement: the key to survival for Bristol’s high street

4 ways to rally your community’s support and keep the high street on its feet.

Quick Summary

  1. Celebrating the independents
  2. Trying new spots
  3. Word of mouth
  4. The power of social media
  5. Use Roqqett

Renowned it’s strong sense of identity, Bristol is a city filled with colour.

From street art to galleries, there’s creativity everywhere you look. And whether it’s food or music, we have a festival calendar that makes every other city envious. Our people know how to have fun, but that’s not to say that we don’t speak out about the things that matter the most.

Since the pandemic, a lot has changed. As a city, we’ve adapted how we work, how we shop and how we interact. With a focus on the ‘new normal’, we’ve seen businesses drive a wave of innovation across their industries. You may have had a knock on the door from Kit at Lost Horizon, who travels around Bristol on his bike to deliver freshly ground coffee. If coffee isn’t strong enough, you may have had a doorstep delivery from Kask Wine Bar. Don’t worry, we don’t judge!

Sadly, not every business has made it through. We’ve said goodbye to the award winning pizza at Flour & Ash. And goodbye to Wilks, one of Bristol's very best Michelin star restaurants. But each time a door closes, we say goodbye to a part of our city's personality. Because, it's our people that are behind these businesses. They are the ones who capture the wacky and wonderful and really bring our city to life.  

But not all hope is lost. Studies have shown that a community has the ability to help. And you, yes you, are part of that community.

So, how can you help Bristol’s high street?

1. Celebrate the independents

They know us customers by our names, some even know our orders. At a time where people are lonely, it’s always nice to see a familiar face. Whether you visit Clare at Fox and Feather, or even drop in to Fancy Plants, try and support the shops you love. In the process, you may even bag yourself a swanky new cheese plant.

2. Try somewhere new

In saying that, expanding our horizons isn’t a bad thing. We can all be creatures of habit, but lets spare a thought for the newbies in the area. Spread your wings and support those who are trying to start at this very weird time. For inspiration, check out the Best of Bristol and Bristol Eats on Instagram.

3. Spread the word through social media

We understand that not everyone is in a position to spend. That’s okay, use your online presence to support your community. Often smaller independents rely on word of mouth. When you recommend that business to your friend, it may spark them to visit. When you leave a good review, it creates incentive for others to visit.

4. Like, share, comment and repost your favorite business’s updates. It really can help.

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