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August 11, 2021
Author: Alexandra Hurst

Budgeting 101: How to save on energy

A combination of 15 instant and long term hacks to reduce your energy bill!

Quick Summary

  • How to utilise what you are already doing 
  • How to promote savvy tricks to reduce consumption now 
  • Things you may have not considered! 


It’s always helpful to save on bills, particularly energy, as it is likely a large chunk of your household budget. Here’s our top 15 ways to save, now and in the future. 

Here are 15 ways you can save on energy 

  1. Turn off Standby appliances.

Turning off appliances at the plug could save you £30 per year. You could even invest in some timer plugs to schedule when you turn off your devices. 

Our recommendation for a timer plug 

HOT TIP #1 Consider turning down or off Wet appliances: Washing Machines, Dishwashers, anything which uses water to function. If you need to use it, consider using a lower eco setting. Not only is this good for the environment, but it will require less energy and therefore less money for you!

  1. Install a smart thermostat 

Some smart thermostats have settings which only heats the rooms which you are using! Over time, the smart thermostat learns how long it takes to heat each room, for example it will switch on at night so your rooms are heated for the right time in the morning. You can easily control your room temperatures via your phone, and reportedly have saved users £75 per year! 


  1. Install a smart meter 

It allows you to track usage and have more control over all of your appliances. In real time, you are able to see periods of high data usage, and can reduce usage when energy usage becomes higher than average! 

Try this smart meter installer, to shave up to £150 off your energy bill per year! 

  1. Insulate your home 

Seems obvious, but a lot of your energy is being wasted. Make sure of the money you are saving, and isualte as much as possible. From cracks to bigger projects which need external help, this is a step which will definitely save you money in the long run.

HOT TIP#2 You could try double glazing your home, and save up to an average of £110 per year! Not only that, you’ll experience lower noise pollution levels! 

HOT TIP#3 Don’t forget to check your roof is thoroughly insulated!

  1. Switch your light bulbs 

Purchase energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs; they are brighter and can often be brighter than regular bulbs. 

  1. Turn that thermostat down!

Summer months, and during the day when you are out, are easy places to start turning your heating down. Another option can be to layer up and invest in a good-quality snug blanket, to avoid turning up that thermostat dial! Turning your thermostat by just one degree makes a huge difference!  We found that others have saved up to £80 per year on their energy bill, by just being mindful of the dial!

  1. Energy efficient appliances 

When looking for energy efficient appliances, look for its energy label. This label tells you how much energy it requires. Appliances are rated on an A to G scale, with A being an extremely efficient device, and G being the least energy efficient. A+++ is the most energy efficient appliance you can buy!

HOT TIP#4 An A+++ fridge freezer will save around £320 in energy bills over its lifetime compared to an A+ model

  1. Time for a new boiler! 

Yes, installing a new energy efficient boiler could save you up to £300 per year! 

  1. Turn down the heat

Yes, not only is washing your clothes at a lower temperature better for the environment, but it also saves you cash. Consider if things really need to be washed after one wash, and try and use more effective washing detergents. Most washing products now wash perfectly at just 30 degrees. By choosing to do one less wash load you could save yourself £5 off your energy bill per year!

  1.  Save Water 

Have you tried a washing bowl, opposed to leaving the tap running when clearing up? It was found to shave up to £25 off your energy bill per year! Also try a more efficient shower head, there are even options to have timed shower heads. 

Here’s a affordable recommendation here 

  1. Compare energy Quotes

If you haven’t switched providers recently, you may be paying out-of-contract rates! These are inflated prices, when customers have not changed their provider at the end of their fixed contract! It’s recommended that you switch providers every year to ensure you are getting the most out of your money! Make sure you are paying via direct debit, as this can also alter your price! 

HOT TIP#5 Opt for paperless billing, to save money and paper used!

  1. Don’t forget draughts!

Yes , even that crack on your bathroom tile is contributing to your energy usage. The obvious fixes are the roof, but have you considered other areas where your energy is spilling out?

HOT TIP#6 Pick up some draught excluders to attach to your windows and doors, then simply apply DIY style! 

  1. The power of the microwave 

When heating up food, don’t forget that your microwave is a more efficient option. It is quicker and smaller, meaning  the energy used is targeted better on your food! Try it, and try to avoid heating the whole oven up every-time! 

  1. Air dry your laundry 

If possible, try and get rid of your tumble drier all together. Use the power of mother nature and naturally dry your clothes to further save on energy!

  1. Defrost naturally

No, you don’t need to use a microwave to defrost that ice cream. Consider using a meal planner to plan ahead when you need to defrost something. Leaving it overnight means you won’t have the urge to speed up the process and bang it in the microwave! Try to be patient!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Saving energy is both a habit and a change of products.
  • Use Roqqett to get paid back for the bills which you organise

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