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Use Roqqett, help
local retailers

When you spend with Roqqett, businesses keep more of their money as nothing goes to big card companies. Payments go directly from your bank to the retailer's bank. This makes it cheaper and fairer for local retailers who are the fabric of our communities.

All available in a simple app

Make and take contactless payments on your mobile. Get on top of your finances by connecting all your accounts. See all your balances and transactions. Easily move money between your accounts. Pay your friends with just a mobile number. We think you'll love it.

We're independent. Like you. Roqqett isn’t tied to a bank, but we work securely with all of them.

Roqqett is

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. No new bank account needed. Your money stays where it is. Payments are protected by two layers of security, Roqqett’s and your bank’s. Disconnect your accounts at any time.


Card payments were designed over 50 years ago. We think it’s time for an update. We believe businesses should get a better deal on payments. We believe everyone should be able to take as well as make payments. We believe everyone should be in better control of their money. We are making all that happen with one simple app.

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