How to cancel Plusnet


  1. Call Customer Options on 0800 432 0200
  2. Set up with your new provider and wait to be notified of your cancellation by Plusnet

Plusnet is a UK internet service provide that offers mobile and home broadband, under the parent organisation of BT.

Plusnet offers different packages including their best selling package "Unlimited Fibre Extra" which is is £24.99 per month for a 12-month contract. This includes download speeds of 66MB which is good for general home use on multiple devices.

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To cancel:

Remember to check your contract for when it ends or you may be charged in order to leave early. Check your contract by logging in to your account or by contacting Plusnet.

If you're requesting a cancellation, you'll need to pay a final payment to cover the notice period (from when you request to the cancellation of services) and charges like calls. This can be made via credit or debit card.

Decide whether you want to completely stop receiving the service OR if you just want to switch to another provider for the same service.

If stopping

If you want to stop receiving the service entirely, you can request this by contacting the Customer Options team.

  1. Call on 0800 432 0200
  2. Send a letter stating the name of the account holder, the account username, the full address and telephone number receiving the service.

If switching

If you want to switch to another provider, you don't need to contact Plusnet. You will be notified when your account will be automatically closed when you're all set up with your new provider.

  1. If you don't get notified of your account closing, inform the Customer Options team on 0800 432 0200
  2. Get more information on their cancellation policy here or general queries on their site.

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