How to cancel
BT Broadband


  1. Call 0800 783 1401
  2. State your account number
  3. Confirm you wish to end the subscription
  4. Return Equipment

BT is a multinational telecommunications company that offers broadband, subscription and mobile services.

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To cancel:

1. Phone

Call either of the below contacts depending on your circumstances:

0800 783 1401 If you wish to cancel one or more services.

0800 389 8414 if you wish to cancel your BT mobile.

2. Details

State your account number. This can be identified as two letters followed by eight numbers (e.g., GB12345678).

You can find your BT account number on your:

Paper bill in the top right corner

Online bill when you Log into My BT and see it in top right hand corner (on desktop) or in the dropdown for "All Products" found directly under the Menu (on mobile)

3. Request cancellation

Confirm you wish to end your BT Broadband subscription. You will be asked to give a reason for leaving, so be prepared with an answer (for example moving to another provider).

4. Return equipment

Once cancelled you will have to return any BT equipment (i.e router etc.)

Find out more on How to return equipment here.

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